All orders that are placed through our website ( are subjected to the following terms and conditions. By placing an order it is understood that you have read, comprehended and agreed with these terms.

Do NOT order any website that has,

  • Automatically playing sounds, videos & audio tracks (Ex: Youtube, etc).
  • Popup windows on load or exit (Ex:,, ClickBank, etc) .
  • Automatic software installers, adware or trojans.
  • Pornographic or other adult materials.
  • Content which promotes illegal activities, drugs related shops, terrorist articles.
  • Referral pages which promote third party businesses (Ex: PTC sites, Social Exchanges, etc).
  • Auto Surfing, rotating pages from traffic exchanging sites.
  • Delivery & Process,

  • Your traffic will start within 30 minutes (may takes upto 6-12 hours sometime).
  • We promise that we send you all traffic you order.
  • We use Google URL Shortener ( free service to track your order.
  • Order will be completed when result shows that all visitors are received.
  • After this point, we are not liable to refund any payment you have made us.
  • If you need more traffic/visitors, you should order a new traffic package again.
  • Order Tracking & Traffic Statistics,

  • We will email your Invoice Number and tracking URL. You have to check your emails after the payment. Sometime, our emails go to Spam/Junk folders. So, you should check those folders too.
  • Google URL Shortener ( will be our one and only proof.
  • You are agreed to work with that proof and you will NOT force us to refund if third party programs show different traffic statistics.
  • Privacy,

  • We NEVER sell your email address to third party.
  • We do not keep any personal data related to you.
  • This service doesn't need a user registration.
  • Refund Policy,

  • If you need to cancel your order, you should request us a refund within 2 days.
  • Only by contacting "[email protected]" email address.
  • Disclaimer

    Alexa is a trademark of Amazon. Alexa Master is not a partner/part/share holder/sponsor or anything related to Alexa. We are not liable to anything you deal with Alexa company. If you need advanced SEO services, we recommend you to use their paid services anytime. We can promise that they are reliable and accurate. But we are not responsible for further expereinces. (Google URL Shoterner) is a free service which owns to Google. Google is a highly reputed company in the world & we are just a third party customer of them. Google is not liable for anything we do here. Google has rights to suspend your traffic statistics anytime without any announcement. If you are looking for safe and advanced statistics, we recommend you to use Google Analytics.